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Packages Starting at $9

Meals include any two sides and a slice of honey butter corn bread.









Make it a JUMBO for $3 more.

Twice the meat, twice the love!

Ribs & chicken








Mini portions for your tiny tots.

Cole Slaw. 2.19


Baked Beans. 2.19


Potato Chips. 1.69


Fries. 2.49


Honey Butter Corn Bread. 1.69


Chocolate Chip Cookie. 1.69


Ice Cream Sandwich.  3.49


Four Alarm.


Carolina Mustard.

ribs by the rack,

or the truckload



When it comes to feeding 20 or more – even hundreds of people – Jimmy Jack’s loves a challenge. Let us fuss over the details, so your guests – and most importantly you – can enjoy the moment. And watch everyone leave with a full belly – and a wide smile.






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CATERING ala carte

1/2 Smoked Chicken. 9.29

1/2 Slab of Ribs. 14.99

Full Slab of Ribs. 19.99

The Supreme†. 14.99/qt.

Pulled Pork*. 14.99/lb.

Smoked Chicken*. 15.99/lb.

Smoked Beef Brisket*. 15.99/lb.


†One quart of the Supreme makes approx. 3–4 sandwiches.
*One pound of meat makes approx. 3–4 sandwiches.




Honey Butter Corn Bread.


Baked Beans or Cole Slaw


Barbecue Sauce


Pickles, Onions or Jalapeños


Make it a for more.