"Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack can transport you to the deep south with one bite."

- Best BBQ in Iowa - yahoo
Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack Logo

The place
where family and friends
gather for
remarkable barbecue


the supreme. 6.49
pork, chicken and brisket simmered in jimmy jack’s original barbecue sauce.
w/2 sides: 11.49

pulled pork. 6.49
smoked for 12 hours and hand pulled for great flavor, you’ll love pigging out with our pulled pork.
w/2 sides: 11.49
memphis style add $1

smoked chicken. 6.49
cluck, cluck, cluck! chicken run fast, but we smok’em slow.
w/2 sides: 11.49

skinny beef brisket. 6.99
our lean version of the traditional.
w/2 sides: 11.99

fatty beef brisket. 8.49
our own version of the traditional. grilled with cowboy sauce and topped with provolone cheese.
w/2 sides: 13.49

smoked portobello. 6.49
finished on the grill with provolone cheese and roasted red peppers.
w/2 sides: 11.49

smoked italian sausage. 7.49
buon giorno! a spicy taste of italy with provolone cheese and roasted red peppers.
w/2 sides: 11.49

make it a jumbo for $5 more.
twice the meat, twice the love!

ribs & chicken

half slab of ribs. 14.99
a half rack of st. louis style pork ribs, slow smoked to perfection.
w/2 sides: 19.99

full slab of ribs. 21.99
full slab — full flavor — full belly.
w/2 sides: 26.99

half smoked chicken. 9.29
the pink smoke ring shows we take as much care with our chicken as we do with our ribs.
w/2 sides: 14.29

1/2 slab & 1/2 chicken. 26.99
the best of both worlds — perfect for sharing!

jack’s sampler. 21.99
you choose three different smoked meats (excludes portobello and half chicken) comes

wings. 11.49
ten smoked wings tossed in your choice of medium or hot sauce, served with a side of ranch and veggie sticks.
w/2 sides: 16.49


mini portions for your tiny tots.
lil’ jimmy. 2.99
2oz. child-size sandwich.
Choice of Pulled Pork, Supreme, Chicken,
or Skinny Brisket.

Cheesy, gooey, creamy and oh-so-delicious.


bbq chicken salad. 11.99
mixed greens, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar jack cheese, smoked chicken, cornbread croutons, bbq ranch.

brisket and blue salad. 11.99
grilled fatty brisket, roma tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, red onion, cornbread croutons, mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette.


cole slaw. 2.79
baked beans. 2.79
potato chips. 1.99
mac-n-cheese. 3.99
fries. 2.99
honey butter corn bread. 2.29
chocolate chip cookie. 1.99


bold & tangy
a little sweet & a little heat
sweet & smokey
puts honey mustard to shame

ribs by the rack
or the truckload

when it comes to feeding 12 or more – even hundreds of people – jimmy jack’s loves a challenge. let us fuss over the details, so your guests – and most importantly you – can enjoy the moment. and watch everyone leave with a full belly – and a wide smile.

catering packages

$9.49 per person
choice of one smoked meat* and one sauce;
plus buns, chips and a cookie for each person.

$11.49 per person
choice of one smoked meat* and two sauces;
plus buns, baked beans, coleslaw and cornbread for each person.

$13.49 per person
choice of two smoked meats* and two sauces, plus buns, baked beans, coleslaw and cornbread for each person.

$15.49 per person
choice of two smoked meats* and two sauces, plus buns, baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread, and a quarter slab of ribs for each person.

* meats include supreme, pulled pork, smoked chicken and beef brisket. add an additional $1.00 per person when ordering smoked chicken or beef brisket.

† beverages or place settings (napkins, disposable plates and silverware) are available for $1 per person.

place catering order
Please Allow 48 hrs for all CATERING orders.
* 12 person minimum *

catering ala carte

1/2 smoked chicken. 9.29
1/2 slab of ribs. 14.99
full slab of ribs. 21.99
the supreme†. 14.99/qt.
pulled pork*. 14.99/lb.
smoked chicken*. 15.99/lb.
smoked beef brisket*. 16.99/lb.

† one quart of the supreme makes approx. 3–4 sandwiches.
* one pound of meat makes approx. 3–4 sandwiches.

3.50 /8-pack
honey butter corn bread
2.29 /slice
bakers dozen. 19.99
baked beans or cole slaw
pint. 5.99
quart. 9.99
pint. 6.49
quart. 10.99
barbecue sauce
pint. 4.29
quart. 7.49
pickles, onions or jalapeños
pint. 2.99